2013 lace wedding dresses

2013 lace wedding dresses – Before talking about the trend for 2013 wedding dress is important to analyze the wedding dress last two years: 2011 and 2012. These years were marked by an unforgettable wedding, with celebrities wearing timeless models and will not fail to dictate fashion in the near future. The royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Charlene Witt for design dictated trends for wedding dresses.

Weddings are prominent in the fashion world is a model Kate Moss and designer Marguerite Mission. They wear stylish models controversial friend John Galliano. Kate Moss 2013 lace wedding dresses choosing wedding dresses vintage style beautiful personality and Lightness surrender. White and off-white still dominates. Color detail such as ties for example, is also a trend. Despite the bright colors and white is always imperarem about wedding dress, most designers have interesting color models. Designers also have models in black, beige and yellow.

And now what about the wedding dress in 2013? What color will dominate for a wedding dress in 2013? Below there are several models of 2013 lace wedding dresses:

  • Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Mermaid wedding dress models come with everything. Bring modern and at the same time allowing sophistication. Because they have ideal body for in mariage, they are sensual, feminine and beautiful!!

  • Style T-Shirt

Wedding dress style shirt (shirt) is that in which the neck and shoulders are covered by income or tulle. It is an alternative to traditional hopefully the-fall. Brides who choose this detail should appreciate tulle or lace with application to bring sophistication to detail.

  • Long sleeve wedding dress

Remember the dress Kate Middletonn?? Well, the arms are always in the runway and very good especially from the fall and winter. Brides fat can also use this device. Sleeves hide the fullest part of the arm.

  • Big skirt

If that a number of network and the details of the combination is allowed. You can have a thick skirt dress with a modern everything will depend on the style of the bride. Can a full skirt, layered, overlapping ruffles, endless layers of tulle, the type of origami, etc.

  • Short wedding dresses

For some time that the design brief for the bride is getting catwalk. Young and modern bride can take advantage of this trend and show your legs, especially if they have a cute little body with shapely legs. Two styles dominate: the lady like style (more adapted to the body, with delicate lace and detail) and other fantasy with big tight skirt. Short dress brings sensuality and bold and both trends for weddings during the day and night. Brides and exotic at the same time care about tradition can choose a short dress in front with a long tail behind. It will be a different look, modern and unique.

  • Veil and bouquet

Traditional veil and bouquet of flowers do not go out of style. But the bride and groom can modernize them. Respect them with a bouquet of flowers (wonderful for outdoor events), garland crown style pleated lace and veil.

  • Abuse in tulle and lace

The largest betting designers such as trends fabric for wedding dress 2013 revenue and tulle. Confeccinados wedding dress that has a high income since last year, especially models with long sleeves, similar to the dress worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day. Revenue is always noble and traditional fabrics, brings elegance to the model. Having tulle entered this year to give a romantic touch to the model tulle is rather simple network that revenue, but gives the dress a unique romantic air. The tendency for 2013 is by using tulle in the skirt to give volume.

  • Detail at the waist

Wedding dress with details such as tie at the waist made of satin, the dress color or different colors, promises to be a hit for bridal gowns range in 2013. Waist gown embroidered with the same embroidery or crystal is also a great bet. These details make the dress becomes more personalized and rich.

  • One-shoulder wedding dress

Dresses with asymmetrical necklines, as one of the shoulder, will be increasingly used by brides set the mode. It is a model which, although more modern, do not miss the glamor.

  • Neck behind

Speaking of modernity they will be deeper reaching almost to the waist, and creative. Ideal for the bride who want to waste sexuality in a wedding dress in 2013.

6 Photos of the 2013 lace wedding dresses

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