Couture short wedding dresses

Couture short wedding dresses – The collection of 2014 prom dresses and short dresses spring-summer designer was inspired by the colorful work of one of the great geniuses of pop art, Andy.

To the styles of party dresses, designer succumbs to the bright colors that the artist applied some of his best known works, such as his turquoise Marilyn, with yellow, red, pink, blue and coral colors for your art dresses.

Silhouettes of party dresses lengthen with light fabrics like silk and chiffon mousselines, combined with patterns of straws and cotton lace vintage turning the monkey in fetish couture short wedding dresses 2014 season with a modern twist for a direct, elegant woman with a strong personality.

While most of the guests at a wedding they can not afford the price, the creations of haute couture short wedding dresses party can help us to imagine how we want to take the dress to the wedding of the friend or family member who both want and trends lead this season. Here we offer a selection of models that will inspire you in your decisions.

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