Destination wedding dresses short

Destination wedding dresses short – White and radiant bride goes. If you marry in the coming months, we offer 12 short models inspired  in marriage to the legendary film ‘Funny Face’.

All brides are radiant on her wedding day, but that does not mean you should go dressed all cut from the same cloth (and pun intended). If there is a timeless icon of fashion and elegance, and this time, we are not referring to her famous LDB of Givenchy in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, but the wonderful destination wedding dresses short she wore in ‘Funny Face’, starring opposite Fred Astaire one of the most famous musical scenes cinema.

So inspiring in it, we have chosen 12 models girlfriend who have a common denominator: they are short. Some of scenery ‘vintage’, others with a very romantic sexy and daring point, many in the shape ‘lady’ heiress ‘new look’ of Dior and most are signed by Rosa Clara, Aire Barcelona, Yulan Cris or Ion Fez and they all allow you to show off legs (in moderation) and wasting shoes boast chic, with a note of transgression and large doses of originality.

Future brides there in drafting it have begun to think. And you, do you atreveríais choose a destination wedding dresses short for your wedding?

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