Full Color Wedding Dresses

Full color wedding dresses – Of all the brides celebrity who married the past year, there was one that slipped in our vote Brides year, I had a lot more color than the rest: just before cutting her hair, Kaley Cuoco gave the stroke with a Wedding surprise on the night of December 31; original ceremony crowned by a single dress, Vera Wang design in bubble gum pink, and belonged to the collection of winter brides firm had just presented a few months earlier. Vera Wang is a favorite for the celebs to wear white (or pink, in this case) designers: hence the color trends that has been marked in recent years are one of the most copied by firms around the world’s first range of cakes, such as beige, gray or green, and later also in black, red and hot pink.

Fashion, however, is not new: the January 14, 1954, Marilyn Monroe gave the ‘do want’ baseball player Joe DiMaggio in a civil ceremony for the actress chose a two piece pencil skirt in brown, with ermine fur collar and matching peep-toes, and a bouquet of orchids. Ten years later, Elizabeth Taylor, would do the same at your wedding with Richard Burton (one of the great loves of his life, all eight marriages actress, and one of the men who contribute greatly to the impressive collection of jewels of the star of ‘Cleopatra’), a dressing gown in chiffon yellow with a bouquet of hyacinths touched.

More recent brides have said goodbye to him in his day white B: black seems to have been a favorite among many celebrity brides, including Ellen Pompeo, who married in 2007 with music producer Chris Avery dressed in a little black dress of Yves Saint Laurent, along with Avril Lavigne, one of the girls ‘rebels’ in the world of music, or, surprisingly, Sarah Jessica Parker, who unlike his character in ‘Sex and the City’, wearing on the big screen two bridal designs included a pompous champagne color Vivienne Westwood, gave the ‘do want’ to Matthew Broderick in 1997 with a dress entirely in black. A decision which, years later, would recognize many times have repented.

Next to black, pink like Kaley Cuoco, it is another full color wedding dresses bestseller among the most glamorous weddings of Hollywood. Fans of this color over the years have been Gwen Stefani, with comentadísimo design by Dior, John Galliano customized by color and white bass with dip-dye dyed in fuchsia pink, Anne Hathaway, personally dressed by Valentino Garavani, who shortly after the wedding unveiled a sketch of her beautiful wedding dress of tulle with accents in soft pink, Reese Witherspoon, Monique Lhuillier, or Jessica Biel, with Giambattista Valli also customized, very similar to designs High Sewing signature.

The most extravagant of all: Dita von Teese at his wedding with Marilyn Manson in 2005. The marriage lasted barely a year, although the Full color wedding dresses a Vivienne Westwood in bright purple (one of the favorite tunes of the artist burlesque), would go down in history as part of the exhibition focuses on wedding dresses-all a tour of bridal fashion from 1775 to 2014, organized last year by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

6 Photos of the Full Color Wedding Dresses

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