Sensual and Sexy Lace Wedding Dress

Sexy lace wedding dress – Coco Chanel said: “Dress vulgar and only see the dress, elegant dresses and see the woman” … and be an elegant and sensual bride at the same time are not concepts that are incompatible. Instead, they fit perfectly enhancing the femininity of the bride.

Though feeling sexy is like happiness, a state of mind and attitude, it never hurts to know some key to get you the best of facing the wedding day. And again quoting the great Chanel, “simplicity is the key to true elegance” so with just a few touches, and suitable bride dress, you get your side of sexy girlfriend.

Sexy lace wedding dress with Mermaid style dresses are quintessential models that best enhance and even descubren- curves of women, and that many brides feel really sexy. Within the Pronovias 2015 collection you will find different mermaid style designs to choose from, for example, the model Charise, an impressive and guipure lace dress with transparency effect around the body that provides a sophisticated sensuality.

The CLARISA model whose veiled with delicate tulle bodice and beaded applications and deep V-neck at the back seem to play an innocent sensuality.

Or MARIANA model with pronounced V-neck decorated with rhinestones both neck and back and a beautiful tulle skirt with lace wheel further underline the bride silhouette.

Sexy lace wedding dress and lingerie cut dresses made of silk and gauze have a natural decline that fits the figure, without hiding nor dissemble the body of the bride. They possess a certain magnetism of retro sensuality (Paint your lips in red and wear a veil bridcage!). You only need to look sexy, it’s like applying the standard of “less is more”: simplicity, comfort and sensuality that are in models like the CELMIRA, style lingerie in satin with subtle lace inserts on the sides of the skirt. the

Personally effect that I find very sexy is what I call: “Oh … Woow” In other words, imagine that you see going into the ceremony the bride, who is really heating, and think, “Oh! It’s gorgeous, “but suddenly, going, discover the back and can only exclaim” Woow “. If indeed the backs air are quite sexy, becoming subtle (if you choose to look only backless), or be sweeping (if you combine with other keys, like a mermaid cut dress). You choose, because their backs are one of the great protagonists of the Pronovias 2015 collection as proposed by the CAMERON fabulous models as it combines elegance, glamor, sensuality and style yes, in one gown, its large oval neckline at the back it bordered with flowers applications is one of the nicest.

A little more subtle is the evening back with tattoo effect of CAREZZA where guipure embroidery looks directly onto the back of the bride playing with Overture, one of the hottest weapons of any woman. Same key you’ll find in the back with the MARANTA transparency and rhinestones, although in this case the front opening that looks skirt remove the hiccups at the same boyfriend.

What yours is not the hint or the brushstrokes? If you are a bride absolutely sure of yourself; the words ‘discretion’ and ‘classic’ do not fit with your personality and your attitude is transgressive girlfriend then, no doubt, your wedding dress is the CARAOLA. The game of lace and transparency of this stripe dress sensuality irreverent With nothing to hide!

As you see there is a sexy lace wedding dress… and how sexy you want to see in your wedding. Because, remember, feeling sexy is a matter of attitude and to choose the right wedding dress.

6 Photos of the Sensual and Sexy Lace Wedding Dress

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