Sunrises, Yellow Lace Wedding Dress

Yellow lace wedding dress – Although have marched separately, the designers Isabel and Ana Torres Zapardiez seem to have agreed on one thing: next year, brings light. And specifically lemon yellow coincidentally starred in the first leg of the two parades. The first to go to Gateway: the Basque designer, which seeks to recreate in women who wear their gowns heroines sometimes lacking in stories. A ‘push’ creative children’s stories to life in the form of creations bridal party wedding and as she told us backstage, born at the same time the relationship with his daughter and his reinterpretation dawn, understood as the symbolic line between the reality of dreams, and how can sometimes transform into each other.

Zapardiez seeks to inspire women to dress, they become their own heroes, and at the same time feel more beautiful than ever: the 2016 collection of designer is possibly one of the best of all that has been presented in the bridal week, and that considering his name often lead the top 10 with the most important Brides. The first stretch of the parade, with designs on flimsy chiffon layers ‘secrets’ that bind the hem of her dress without knowing where to begin or where to end, print of multicolored flowers, asymmetries, sewing parts and some of the trends we have been seeing these days, especially the wide skirt combined with jersey, with tops with spectacular bat type sleeves, and cross draped neck departing back leaving the air with a V-neck.
The experiment of yellow lace wedding dress does not end in patterns: too tissues explore new seam lines adapted to brides, as a spectacular wedding dress with three quarter sleeves and simple lines, highlighted by the finish of the skin (“It is a technological skin German “, he told us the designer herself minutes later, clad in an almost identical design but in petrol blue), very close to the appearance of plastic but with a touch dull.

Featured Looks : Outwear garments wedding, including a tuxedo coat of pure white, hooded slightest layer and a raincoat. Also responsible for closing the dress parade, a vintage creation, recovered from the 30s, and which is added a piece of glass cascading back.

TRENDS: Layers becomes tails, silver ornamental brocades on the edge of the seams and pockets, knitwear for brides.

SUPPLEMENTS: Shoes, also in yellow, and continuation of the first collection of shoes Isabel Zapardiez that we saw in the parade last year.

TISSUE: lace, tulle, Mikado. Light silk gauze and other heavier pieces such as a reinterpretation of the sheet).
The proposed Ana Torres also part of the yellow, where appropriate giving more weight to the party line to the wedding, with only four dresses for brides-to-be. Despite the absence almost total of girlfriends, Ana Torres collection has shone strongly in the Barcelona Bridal Week: with the full force of the singer Lucrecia, responsible for putting the most energetic soundtrack entire bridal week. One is come straight from Cuba, which is where this year takes inspiration designer: proposals as colorful and dazzling like yellow lace wedding dress.

6 Photos of the Sunrises, Yellow Lace Wedding Dress

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